Dartmouth College

  • Ryan Halter (Engineering): Co-PI; Assistant Professor of Engineering.
  • David Kotz (Computer Science): Principal Investigator; Professor of Computer Science.
  • Kofi Odame (Engineering): Co-PI; Associate Professor of Engineering.
  • Xing-Dong Yang (Computer Science): Co-PI; Assistant Professor of Computer Science.
  • Shengjie Bi (Computer Science): graduate student.
  • Ron Peterson (Computer Science): senior programmer.
  • Joseph Skinner (Engineering): technician.
  • Peter Wang (Computer Science): undergraduate student.

Clemson University

  • Kelly Caine (Human Centered Computing): Co-PI; Assistant Professor of Human-Centered Computing.
  • Jacob Sorber (Computer Science): PI; Assistant Professor of Computer Science.
  • Byron Lowens (Human Centered Computing): graduate student.
  • Kevin Storer (Computer Science): graduate student.

Advisory board

  • Stephen Bartels, MD, directs the CDC Health Promotion Research Center at Dartmouth; he has emphasized the critical challenge posed by obesity to population health, and the lack of quantifiable means for measuring eating behavior.
  • John Batsis, MD, is an expert in the treatment of obesity among the elderly; indeed, his research studies mHealth for maintaining physical function among obese elderly patients.
  • Ethan Berke, MD, leads Dartmouth Hitchcock’s “ImagineCare” operation serving patients via remote patient monitoring, telehealth consultations, and mobile/wearable physiological and behavioral monitoring.
  • Lisa Marsch, PhD, directs the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health (CTBH) at Dartmouth.
  • Joseph Paydarfar, MD, is an ENT (ear, nose, throat) surgeon with deep expertise in cranial anatomy, pertaining to articulation of the mandible and activation of cranial musculature.